Welcome to Cyber Law College, the dedicated Cyber Law Education Center on the Cyber Space.

Started in 2000, Cyber Law College has been providing online courses in Cyber Law. It’s off-line activities are focused on Corporate Training in Cyber Law, HIPAA and other Information Assurance related domains.

At present Cyber Law College is not affiliated with any University. It functions only in Cyber Space and does not maintain a physical establishment.

Cyber Law College however has franchise arrangements and supports courses conducted by franchisees.

Cyber Law College is promoted by Naavi the well known “Cyber Law Guru” of India. The establishment functions as a division of Ujvala Consultants Private Limited and focused on knowledge building.

Cyber Law College being a virtual education center, it does not maintain any physical college. The Founder Naavi may however be contacted at  the following address:

Na.Vijayashankar, No 37, “Ujvala” 20th Main, BSK First Stage, Bangalore 560050

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