Welcome to Cyber Law College, the dedicated Cyber Law Education Center on the Cyber Space.

Started in 2000, Cyber Law College has been providing online courses in Cyber Law. It’s off-line activities are focused on Corporate Training in Cyber Law, HIPAA, GDPR and PDPA.

At present Cyber Law College is not affiliated with any University. It functions only in Cyber Space and does not maintain a physical establishment.

Cyber Law College is promoted by Naavi the well known “Cyber Law Guru” of India. The establishment functions as a division of Ujvala Consultants Private Limited and focused on knowledge building.

W.E.F. 7th November 2014, Cyber Law College has started an association with Spearhead Eduonline and is offering the “Certified Cyber Law Professional” course on the platform of featuring nearly 20 hours of video lectures of Naavi.

W E F: March 2015, a Course on HIPAA is also available on the platform leading to Certified HIPAA Professional”

Now a course on Certified GDPR Professional is also available online.

New Course on PDPA

A Course on Certificate in Personal Data Protection Act has also been introduced and the next batch is expected to commence from 7th December 2019.

For details refer here

Those who complete all the the above four courses may take the Certification exam to be introduced by Cyber Law College, the successful completion of which would provide a certificate as “Certified Indian Data Protection Professional”.

Kindly register your interest by email.

Certified Data Auditor

Cyber Law College is also starting a virtual/physical workshop based Certification Program for  issue of a Certificate titled “Certified Data Auditor”.

This program will be based on the criteria suggested under PDPA. This is specifically meant for auditors.

This course will be an extension of the course for “Certificate in PDPA.” This extension program would cover, “Data Trust Score” targetted data audit and PDPSI (Personal Data Protection Standard of India).

For more details, contact Naavi.



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