Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Cyber Law College does not collect any private information from its visitors other than the automated statistics that is collected by the server as a part of its logging requirements and the contact information submitted by any prospective person who opts in to send their contact information seeking information about the courses. Any contact information so received would be used soley for the purpose of serving the request made by the prospective student. Such personal information is not sold for commercial gains. Such information will be retained for the period it is relevant for the service sought.

Where payment is involved the visitor is directed to the payment gateway which may have a privacy policy as required for collection of the payment. Visitors are required to peruse the same and opt in as they decide.

It is possible that some of the advertisers who use the site for advertising may place cookies or otherwise follow Privacy policies of there own. excercises such control as is reasonably possible in such cases.

We however declare our commitment to the protection of Privacy of the visitors and abide by the general principles of Privacy regarding non collection of information other than what is necessary and reasonable security in the use of the data collected if any.

GDPR/international laws Exclusion

It is declared that Cyber Law College follows the principles of Privacy protection under Information Technology Act 2000  as amended from time to time (and or other laws of India as applicable) and where there is a conflict with any other international law or guideline, the provisions of ITA 2000/Indian laws shall prevail.

In particular, the website does not offer services in EU jurisdiction and does not subject itself to the administrative jurisdiction of GDPR and any data subject who intends to be protected by GDPR and not ITA 2000 shall not use any of the services of this site or its networked sites.

Any claims made under non-ITA 2000 statutes or regulations regarding privacy protection or otherwise are unacceptable and may be deemed as maliciously intended.

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