Na.Vijayashankar, M.Sc.,C.A.I.I.B.,C.I.I.F.,A.I.M.A.D.M.,

Cyber Law courses at Cyber Law College.com would be spearheaded by Na.Vijayashankar, author “Cyber Laws for Every Netizen in India”, (1999) the first book on he subject in India. He is also the author of “Cyber Laws in India.. ITA-2000 and Beyond”, (2003)the first E-Book on the subject of Cyber Laws in India. He has also authored “CyLawCom..Corporate Mantra for the Digital Era”, “Antarjaala AparaadhagaLu” (Kannada book meaning Cyber Crimes” ) and Cyber Laws Demystified.

Na.Vijayashankar, also referred to as Naavi, is an E- Business Consultant based in Chennai and has over 30 years of business experience. He was also Faculty member in charge of a Training Center in Indian Overseas Bank, where he has worked for over 13 years. During his 17 years stint in the private corporate sector in India, Naavi has been a consultant in the areas of Investment, Marketing, E-Commerce and Internet Marketing. He has been involved in the conduct of many Seminars and Workshops on various subjects including Cyber Laws.

Naavi is the visiting faculty in several Law Colleges and several other institutions.

Vijayashankar is today an acknowledged Cyber Law specialist in India and is an active member of several Netizen’s initiatives in the areas of Cyber Law and Cyber Security. He has also been a member of the IT Act Policy Advisory Group, Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India. He is presently the member e-Governance Advisory group, Karnataka.

For More on Naavi visit www.naavi.org



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