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HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, of USA is emerging as a guiding factor for Information Security in all BPO units which handle Health Information. A large number of Indian Companies act as “Business Associates” of US HIPAA entities and need to comply with HIPAA standards. During the current year the regulators in US have tended to adopt strict implementation of the provisions.

As a result, even in India, the need for Cyber Law Compliance and related training and audit has been on the increase. In order to provide such training/audit facilities, Cyber Law College has introduced the following three training modules on HIPAA

1. HIPAA Awareness for operating staff (Half day)

2.HIPAA Awareness for Supervisory Staff (One day)

3.Training for “Certified HIPAA Professional” (Two days)

This work shop will address the following objectives.

1. Sensitize the staff on the regulatory impact of HIPAA on Indian BPOs

2. Familiarize the staff on the Privacy Protection and Security obligations under HIPAA

3. Familiarize the staff on Administrative Simplification measures under HIPAA

The training will form the first step towards HIPAA Compliance and will prepare the Company for HIPAA Compliance implementation and audit.

Cyber Law College also conducts “HIPAA Compliance Audit”.

If you think your company may need such a training/audit contact Naavi at clc4india@gmail.com

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