Want to know how to be a DPO in a hurry?

DPO or Data Protection Officer, is the coveted corporate position that many professionals are after at this point of time. Every country wants to introduce a law to protect the Privacy of their citizens through a data protection regime. Along with the data protection law comes the need for compliance and under a threat of heavy fines.

This has generated a new senior corporate position of the DPO who is responsible for the compliance of the law in the organization that may be called a Data Controller, Data Processor or Data Fiduciary or by any other name.

DPOs are executives who have to monitor the data processing activities of the organization carried out by the technology team, sold by the business team and secured presently by the Information Security team and provide advise on how it should not be done. With the threat of large penalties for non compliance hanging like a Damocles sword, no CEO or the Board can ignore the need to identify and designate a competent person to hold the position which comes with a legal empowerment to supervise the activities of the CTO, CISO, CMO etc

With the Indian Personal Data Protection Act around the corner, GDPR, CCPA, Singapore PDPA, DIFC-DPA etc already in place, there is a scramble for appropriately skilled manpower to hold the important position of DPO in many organizations.

While Naavi has been urging the community to understand the Personal Data Protection and be ready before the bill becomes the law, complacency in some parts of the industry continued and many preferred to wait for the law to be enacted before getting prepared.

Now as some organizations are looking out for recruiting the right candidates, there is a likely hood of these laggards losing opportunities to other swift movers who have already taken steps to acquire relevant skills.

The manpower agencies are finding it difficult to put together a proper job specification because there is lack of understanding of the requirements even amongst them. As a result, reputed organizations are trying to recruit DPOs in India without even recognizing that the knowledge of Indian regulation for data protection (as it exists today in the form of ITA 2000 and as is emerging in the form of PDPA) is of paramount importance for such candidates.

Many prospective candidates are rushing to read the Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 now  after seeing an advertisement for DPO recruitment so that they can at least try to attend the interview and take their chance.

While Naavi along with Cyber Law College and Foundation of Data Protection Professionals (FDPPI) is conducting in depth training programs leading to “Certified Data Protection Professionals”, from last December, there are many who have started running now to catch the bus of opportunity which has already started moving.

To ensure that such of those people who are making their last minute efforts to prepare for their DPO interviews, Cyber Law College has created a ” Certified DPO Foundation”  Program.

The program will cover a gist of  Indian and Global data protection laws, Relevant Technology aspects, Data Audit aspects and Behavioural Skills all of which are relevant for an effective DPO.

This program for Aspiring DPOs will be conducted by Naavi  through web interactions. The program will be specifically tuned for the requirement of different aspirants and may run for 3-5 hours.

This would be a unique program for those professionals who are trying to catch up with an opportunity before it is too late. It will involve Counselling as well as transfer of key knowledge elements with problem solving skills to mentally prepare the aspirants for the responsibilities of a DPO.

Interested persons can contact Naavi for more details.


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Last few days for Registration for CDPP course on Module G on Global Data Protection Laws

The Course objective is to provide the necessary knowledge back up for Data Protection Professionals in India who are typically handling personal data processing not only from India but from many countries in other data protection regions.

Module I has already covered in depth the Indian data protection regime and this Module G  covers the following five major global laws.

c) Singapore PDPA 2012
d) DIFC Data Protection Law

Course Contents:

1 Historical Perspective of emergence of Data Protection laws in different countries
2 GDPR- Applicability, Data Protection Principles and Data Subject Rights, Exemptions and Derogations
3 GDPR-Cross Border Transfer of Data, SCC, BCR
4 GDPR-Compliance Obligations, DPIA, Privacy By Design,
DPO, Remedies, Liabilities and Sanctions
5 CCPA- Applicability, Principles and Data Subject’s Rights, Legitimate Interests,
6 CCPA-Compliance Obligations, Notice, Consent, Legitimate Interest etc
7 HIPAA- Overview
8 DIFC-Overview
9 Singapore PDPA-Applicability, Principles, Data Subject’s Rights, Exemptions,
10 Singapore PDPA-Compliance Obligations
11 Challenges in Compliance of Multiple Data Protection Laws
12 Discussions

Appropriate reading material would be provided to the participants and an online examination would be held before Certification.

The fees for the Course consists of

a) Membership fee: Applicable only for new members*

b) Examination fee: Rs 6000/-

c) Training fee: Rs 6000/-

Since the membership fee is presently a minimum of Rs 6000/-, the total cost of certification for a new member would be Rs 18,000/-. For members the cost would be Rs 12,000/-

Registration is now open and the Prospectus is available here for more details

  • Patron donors are eligible for certification even if they are not members. New Patron donors who want to take Certification without membership need to have a minimum patron donation of Rs 6000/- to be eligible for taking up the Certification examination. The examination fee of Rs 6000/- would be additional to the patron donation.
  • Training can be attended without Certification or Membership at a cost of Rs 6000/- . Such attendees will be issued a Participation Certificate from the Training Partner.


Payment can be made to our training partner here.

The complete information about the program is available in the enclosed Prospectus.
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Training for Certified Data Protection Professional -Module G to start in July

The much awaited module on Global Privacy and Data Protection Laws as part of the Certified Data Protection Professional Module G, conducted by the Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI) is set to be launched on July 11, 2020.

Cyber Law College as the training partner of FDPPI will be conducting the first of the programs as a virtual program.

This module will cover the global privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, Singapore PDPA, Dubai Data Protection Law and HIPAA.

The complete information about the program is available in the enclosed Prospectus.


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On Demand Courses on Data Protection and Cyber Laws in India

Cyber Law college has been a pioneer in online education in India having started the Cyber Law Courses way hack in October 2000.

In the recent days Cyber Law College conducted 3 programs on the Indian Data Protection Regulations leading to the Certification as “Certified Data Protection Professional” (Module-I), from FDPPI.

FDPPI will now require to start training programs on the other modules of the Certification program one of which will be on Global Laws such as GDPR, Singapore PDPA, CCPA etc.

Cyber Law College has therefore decided to provide on demand video lectures on Data Protection through a set of 8 videos. Similarly a course on Cyber Laws and ITA 2000 is also being offered in the form of a package of 9 videos.

The videos will be available in  “Streaming” format within a window of 3 months.

The Course on Data Protection is priced at Rs 4000/-

The course on Cyber Laws/ITA 2000 is priced at Rs 3000/-

More details of the course are available in the links below:

 Course on Data Protection

Course on Cyber Laws/ITA 2000 :

(The videos will be activated after confirmation of payment within 24 hours)

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An opportunity is before you. Grab it today. Tomorrow may be too late.

A new career is unfolding in the field of “Data Protection Professionals in India”.  The subject of “Data Protection” is a techno legal domain. It can be considered as an extension of the Cyber Law expertise for legal professionals looking for Corporate careers. The IT and IS professionals can also look at this domain as an enrichment of their present expertise and acquiring an additional dimension to their current careers.

This knowledge could be a gateway for the new career opportunities in the field of Data Protection.

In the direction of preparing the professionals towards this new career, Naavi is conducting a series of educational programs in which more than 100 senior professionals have already taken part.

Over the next two week ends, Naavi is conducting another online program  which is a good opportunity for professionals to start their journey in this direction.

Probably when the Covid Lock down ends and the realities of economic disturbance hits the employment scenario, there will be need for professionals to preserve their positions by re-skilling themselves in appropriate futuristic knowledge. This is one such opportunity.

The participants of this program have the opportunity to also appear for the Certification examination of Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI) and qualify as “Certified Data Protection Professional (Module-I)” by paying an additional fee subsequently.

Remember that India is already under a Data Protection regime under Section 43A of Information Technology Act. The forthcoming Personal Data Protection Act is only a new version of the “Due Diligence” and “Reasonable Security Practice” under the current laws.

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Another Batch of CDPP-Module I Course to commence on 6th June 2020

Copy of Prospectus available here

FDPPI (Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India) has already conducted two Certification oriented training programs for CDPP-Module I. (Certified Data Protection Professional-Module I) through  Cyber Law College.

Additionally Cyber Law College has also conducted stand alone training programs on Personal Data Protection Act and some of the persons who took the program later opted to take the online examination for the purpose of certification.

The next batch of Certification oriented training will start on 6th June 2020. This will be a week end batch to be conducted on 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th of June. Each of these four days there will be two sessions of 90 minutes each, one in the morning between 10.00 am and 11.30 am and one in the evening between 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm.

The sessions will be conducted online by Naavi, the Director of Cyber Law College.

The participants will be provided necessary reading material and can take the  online examination on 28th June 2020. The online examination would be for 90 minutes.

The fees for the course would be as follows

Course Fee Rs 5000/-
Examination fee Rs 5000/-
FDPPI Membership fee (lifetime) Rs 5000/-
Total Rs 15000/-

The current program is called Module-I and is part of a 5 part “Certified Expert Data Protection Professional” which will consist of the following four more modules which will be conducted some time later independently.

Module-G Global Privacy and Data protection laws covering more particularly, GDPR, CCPA and Singapore PDPA
Module-T Technology for Data Protection Professional
Module -A Audit for Data Protection Professional
Module-B Behavioural skills for Data Protection Professional

Interested persons can register by completing the payment.
For any further information, contact Naavi.

Payment Link :


  1. The four sessions together constitute 12 hours of training. Morning and evening classes are not repetitions.
  2. If a participant wants to opt of FDPPI membership, the option is to opt out of the examination also and only attend the training for which the fee would be Rs 5000/- only.
  3. The FDPPI membership fee is presently a life time membership. In case of future certification modules, it is not payable again. In future there is a possibility that the membership fee may be revised upwards but the existing members may continue without additional payment.
  4. There are certain concessions Cyber Law College may pass on for existing FDPPI members and some associate organizations. But such concessions are only for those who opt for the entire program with examination and not training alone.


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Course on ITA 2000/8 and Cyber Jurisprudence

Program conducted over interactive online session. Covers entire Information Technology Act along with the Cyber Jurisprudential analysis of the law, including Digital Signatures, Section 65B of Indian Evidence Act and Legal aspects of Information Security, Cyber Crimes in E Banking, E Commerce scenario etc on


All participants would be issued participation certificate from Cyber Law College

Also see: Back to Teaching ITA 2000 with a Cyber Jurisprudence perspective

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Courses on ITA 2000 would be back

It is intended  that two programs on ITA 2000 would be conducted by Cyber Law College during the next few weeks.

First program may be exclusive for a group of IT and IS professionals. The second would be open for public.

Watch out for details.


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Crash Course on PDPA

P.S: Admissions to this course will close at 3.00 pm IST on 9th May 2020.  Kindly send a message to Naavi if you donot receive the link for the session.


Participants of this program would be eligible to take the Certification program from FDPPI for “Certified Data Protection Professional-Module I” with a further payment of Rs 5000/- towards membership (If they are not already members) and an examination fee of Rs 5000/- (Total additional amount payable Rs 10000/-). Contact  for more information.

P.S: Due to a request from a large group of persons, the timings have been reset to the above. Kindly excuse me for the inconvenience if some of you were preparing for the morning session.

Based on specific request, Naavi/Cyber Law  is conducting a crash course on Personal Data Protection Act of India from 20th April 2020 to 25th April 2020 through virtual training for 2 hours on each day.

The program will be held between 8.30 am to 10.30 am.

The coverage would be as follows:

1.Evolution of Privacy Law in India. (ITA 2000-ITA 2008-Puttaswamy Judgement.Etc.) and .Understanding the Concept of Privacy and its relation with Data Protection

2.Applicability, Exemptions, Data Protection Obligations and Data Principal’s Rights

3.Grounds of Processing without Consent, Restrictions on Transfer of Personal Data outside India

4.DPA, Adjudication and Appellate Tribunal, Penalties and Offences and Grievance Redressal mechanism

5.Compliance Obligations (Transparency and Accountability Measures), Data Audits and DPO

6.Data Protection Challenges under New Technologies, Data Governance Framework, Interactive discussion and Review

The participation fee would be Rs 3000/- per participant.  Registration can be done by making the payment below:


Course for “Certified Data Protection Professional”: Second batch  to Commence in April 2020

Cyber Law College successfully completed the first Course for “Certified Data Protection Officers in India” by concluding the online examination process on 1st March 2020. With this history has been created with the commencement of a new era of Professionals who are ready to take on the requirements of Data Protection under the Indian law when it comes through in the next few months.

So far we only had professionals who were certified for International data protection laws and there was a need to create professionals who were more conversant with Indian law.

The Module I of the program which was concluded over 12 online sessions provided a good over view of the Indian Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 along with an exposure to the DPO’s requirements of technology and audit requirements to some extent. 

In order to have another batch of professionals with the requisite knowledge of the Indian law, the next batch is being commenced on April 4th 2020. There will be 12 sessions of 90 minutes each with two sessions each on Saturday and Sunday at 11.00 am to 12.30 PM and 3.00 AM to 4.30 PM which can be attended over an online platform.

Necessary content will be provided and online examination would be held some time before May 2020.

Certification would be provided by FDPPI (Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India). Cyber Law College would be the training partner.

The fee structure would be as follows:

Course Fee: Rs 6000/-

Course material: Rs 500/-*

Certification fee: Rs 3500/-

FDPPI Membership fee: Rs 5000/-**

One set of course material would be given free as soft copy. 

*The book “Personal Data Protection Act of India” (PDPA 2020) would be a supplementary support material for which Rs 500/- of the fee is reserved. This is optional.

**The FDPPI membership will be for those who are not currently members. 

Hence for members of FDPPI who opt out of the book, the base fee would be Rs 9500/-

For non members who opt for the book, the fees would be Rs 15,000/-

Cyber Law College in association with FDPPI is also planning further modules of the Augmented Certification program.

This would include

Module G: Including global data protection laws such as GDPR, CCPA and Singapore PDPA

Module B: Including interpersonal skill development including leadership skills, Decision making skills, Counselling skills, Mediation and Arbitration skills.

Module A: Including Data Audit skills and Data Governance skills

Module T: Including Technology skills required for a DPO.

The Module-I will be the base module of awareness which is presently based on the current Bill and would be further augmented when the Act along with relevant rules come into operation.

The five modules will be may be conducted by different agencies accredited by FDPPI at different points of time and completion of all five modules would create the “Certified Expert Data Protection Professional and Auditor”.

Registrations for the second batch of Module I are now open. Persons interested may send e-mail requests to clc4india@gmail.com indicating the preferred options… whether they require membership and/or the book. Accordingly the link for payment would be sent for completion.

It is intended that there could be limitation on the number of participants and hence interested persons may kindly contact at the earliest.

(Copy of the prospectus with application form available here)

Payment options:

For Members of FDPPI: 

(a) Course fee only for FDPPI members : Rs 9500/-

(b) Cost of Book on PDPA ( if not already purchased):  500/-

(Total of (a)+(b) Rs 10,000/– )

For Non Members:

Membership fee: 

Rs 5000/- towards Foundation membership.

Option to become Supporting member at Rs 10000/- also available. (See here for details).

The total fee payable for non members(a)+(b)+(c) would therefore be

From 16th march 2020, Rs 15000/-

If the candidate has already purchased the book, they can opt out of the book and pay  Rs 14500/- .

Payment Link is available here::



P.S: Members of other professional organizations such as ISACA would be offered a special discount. For details, kindly contact Naavi.


Started in 2000, Cyber Law College has been providing online courses in Cyber Law. It’s off-line activities are focused on Corporate Training in Cyber Law, HIPAA, GDPR and PDPA.

At present Cyber Law College is not affiliated with any University. It functions only in Cyber Space and does not maintain a physical establishment.

Cyber Law College is promoted by Naavi the well known “Cyber Law Guru” of India. The establishment functions as a division of Ujvala Consultants Private Limited and focused on knowledge building.

W.E.F. 7th November 2014, Cyber Law College has started an association with Spearhead Eduonline and is offering the “Certified Cyber Law Professional” course on the platform of ApnaCourse.com featuring nearly 20 hours of video lectures of Naavi.

W E F: March 2015, a Course on HIPAA is also available on the apnacourse.com platform leading to Certified HIPAA Professional”

Now a course on Certified GDPR Professional is also available online.

New Course on PDPA

A Course on Certificate in Personal Data Protection Act has also been introduced and the next batch is expected to commence from 7th December 2019.

For details refer here

Those who complete all the the above four courses may take the Certification exam to be introduced by Cyber Law College, the successful completion of which would provide a certificate as “Certified Indian Data Protection Professional”.

Kindly register your interest by email.



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