On Demand Courses on Data Protection and Cyber Laws in India

Cyber Law college has been a pioneer in online education in India having started the Cyber Law Courses way hack in October 2000.

In the recent days Cyber Law College conducted 3 programs on the Indian Data Protection Regulations leading to the Certification as “Certified Data Protection Professional” (Module-I), from FDPPI.

FDPPI will now require to start training programs on the other modules of the Certification program one of which will be on Global Laws such as GDPR, Singapore PDPA, CCPA etc.

Cyber Law College has therefore decided to provide on demand video lectures on Data Protection through a set of 8 videos. Similarly a course on Cyber Laws and ITA 2000 is also being offered in the form of a package of 9 videos.

The videos will be available in  “Streaming” format within a window of 3 months.

The Course on Data Protection is priced at Rs 4000/-

The course on Cyber Laws/ITA 2000 is priced at Rs 3000/-

More details of the course are available in the links below:

 Course on Data Protection

Course on Cyber Laws/ITA 2000 :

(The videos will be activated after confirmation of payment within 24 hours)

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