Cyber Law College is founded by Naavi who is a pioneer in Cyber Law education in India. The College is not affiliated to any University and functions as an independent private entity. The emphasis is imparting the right knowledge with “Certification” being a supplement of the knowledge.

Our approach to Cyber Law Education has always stressed on the need for the courses to be of practical use to the students. Considering the requirement of the IT professionals, Cyber Law Course curriculum therefore covers “Cyber Law Compliance” as an important segment.

To support this industry orientation, Naavi has also brought out specific book “Cyber Laws for Engineers”. A module of the diploma course titled “Certificate in Cyber Law Compliance” also addresses the specific needs of the IT professionals intending to take up Cyber Law courses.

Additionally Naavi has also authored a book “Cyber Crimes & ITA 2008” which is oriented to the requirements of the law enforcement. A module of the diploma course titled “Certificate in Cyber Crime Laws” also addresses the specific needs of the law enforcement personnel.



In pursuance of his pioneering work in the area of Cyber Law, Information Security and Information Assurance, Naavi has proposed a “Theory of Information Security Motivation” and a special implementation frame work for Information Assurance namely “Total Information Assurance For Modular Implementation” which are unique thoughts that have enriched the academic discussions in the domain of Information Assurance.

Additionally Naavi has also introduced new insights to the area of “Deviant Behaviour” in Cyber Crime space such as “Technology Intoxication”, “Cyber Offendo mania” etc.

Naavi encourages others to also pursue further thoughts in this direction and contribute to the development of Cyber Law/Cyber Crime literature.

These are part of the Cyber Law Research Center that Cyber Law College is interested in developing.

Support from other academicians in this regard is welcome.



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