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Course on PDPA 2018

PDPA 2018 represents “Personal Data Protection Act 2018” which is the proposed law on Personal data Protection Act which is presently in the state of a draft Bill in the Parliament.

It is expected that it would become a law soon. 

Cyber Law College which is already providing courses on ITA 2000/8, HIPAA and GDPR, will now add a course on PDPA 2018 so that Indian Privacy and Data Protection Professionals would develop an alround knowledge base on the Privacy and Data Protection laws that would be applicable to the Indian scenario.

Presently PDPA 2018 and DISHA 2018 (Digital Information Security for health Care Act) are the two laws that are in draft stage and are required to be studied by the Indian Data Protection Professionals.

Though these laws are presently under evolution and there are many hurdles in the laws being passed in the Parliament in December or a little later, it would be useful to start studying the law as it stands today and gradually follow its development.

Cyber Law College therefore will start this program with immediate effect.

Presently, the Course will be conducted with a series of Webinars to be conducted by Naavi  based on the schedule to be drawn. The course will be conducted in batches formed from time to time.

The Course content would be as follows.

  1. Evolution of Privacy Law in India..(ITA 2000-ITA 2008-Puttaswamy Judgement..etc)
  2. Understanding the Concept of Privacy and its relation with Data Protection
  3. The Background of PDPA 2018 (GDPR, Srikrishna Committee etc)
  4. PDPA 2018- Applicability, Exemptions, Transitional Provisions
  5. PDPA 2018- Data Principal’s Rights and Data Protection Obligations
  6. PDPA 2018- Grounds of Processing
  7. PDPA 2018-Transfer of Personal data outside India
  8. PDPA 2018-DPA and DPO
  9. PDPA 2018-Compliance Obligations
  10. PDPA 2018- Penalties and Offences
  11. PDPA 2018- Grievance Redressal mechanism
  12. DISHA 2018

P.S: An additional module on changes that may be made between the draft law and the final law as passed would be made available free of charge to the students who register now.

Each of the above sessions would be divided into different online sessions. It is expected that there would be atleast 12 sessions of 1 hour each to cover the syllabus.

At the end of the program there would be an exit test followed by a Certificate “Certified PDPA Aware Professional”

The fees for the course would be Rs 6000/-. Groups of learners from Companies or organizations may write for details of group concessions available.

The Schedule of Classes will be announced after registration.

Copy of the Prospectus is availabler here: 

Copy of  application form available here

Payment can be made online right here:

Educational Institutions and Groups can contact for Bulk Discounts


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