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2004 Courses
Procedures and Examination System

Cyber Law College has completed three years of its existence in October 2003. The College thanks all those who have contributed to the stabilization of this project.

Now with the experience gained during these three years and the feedback received  from various students, certain changes are being contemplated for the courses for the coming years.

One of the most significant aspects is that Cyber Law College is introducing a new course entitled "Diploma in Techno-Legal Cyber Security" which combines Cyber Law Knowledge with Cyber Security aspects.

Also there will be two courses entitled Diploma in  Cyber Law (DCL) and Diploma in Cyber Banking Law (DCBL) which will replace the present Certificate and Diploma Courses.

The Course on Certificate in Cyber Laws for Netizens will now be offered as a free Course to participants of special education programmes to be promoted by Naavi through NGOs, Educational institutions such as High Schools and under the Friends of Police programme. Interested institutions can contact Naavi through e-mail for structuring such courses.

Further, Cyber Law College has entered into some arrangement with some professional institutions having similar objectives to offer the courses to their members under a special co-certification scheme where the certificates would be issued jointly by Cyber Law College and the concerned professional institution.(Request Here for Details) Since such courses are specific to the members of the professional institutions, the details of such courses would be made available by those institutions separately. Membership of such institution may be available to all students and those who would like to avail the benefits of such Co-Certification, can  contact Naavi by e-mail.

Coinciding with this development, certain changes have been brought about in the conduct of the courses and the same are applicable to the courses from Cyber Law College also.

Henceforth, students will be admitted in batches. Normally a batch will be for a month. Students can take examination falling due after 6 month though it is recommended that a minimum of 9 months is desirable.

Examination will be conducted at designated physical centers or through online under Open-Book system on designated dates. First examination is scheduled tentatively for 7th November 2004 and 14th November 2004. (First two Sundays of November. The two days are meant for two different papers that has been introduced for one of the Courses) Subsequently examinations will be conducted at quarterly intervals.

25 % marks will be earmarked for Internal assessment, 25% for objective type questions and 50 % for Descriptive questions.

Grades will be awarded as "Pass" "First Class" or "Distinction" based on cut off marks of 40 %, 60% and 70% respectively.

The students can opt to appear for "Improvement Attempts" by paying additional Examination fee separately.

Interaction will be provided  basically through online Chat sessions. But arrangements are being made to conduct contact classes at certain designated centers which the student can opt for at an additional fees.

Attendance of a minimum number of online Chat sessions or contact classes will be mandatory and would count for internal assessment.

Course material will be provided basically through electronic means. Optionally, Course material will be made available in print  at an additional cost.

The Fee structure for admissions for 2004 courses would be as follows:

P.S: For Registration before March 31, 2004 and payment before April 7, 2004, Special price Rs 7500/-inclusive of Registration for CyLawCom Registration..Contact Naavi

Fee Structure (Rs)

Course Tuition Fee Examination Fee Total

(Virtual Mode)

Cost of
Materials in Hard Copy (Optional)
Diploma in Cyber Law (DCL) 8000 1000 9000* 1000
Diploma in Cyber Banking Law
8000 1000 9000* 1000
Diploma in Techno Legal Cyber Security (DTLCS) 16,000 2000 18,000* 2000

* Inclusive of cost of provisional registration as CyLawCom Examiner and examination fee for CyLawCom Examiner Certification amounting to Rs 6000/-  If this saving is factored into the fee of the Diploma Courses, the DCL and DCBL courses would cost Rs 3000/- and DTLCS would cost Rs 12,000/- only.

P.S: For Registration before March 31, 2004 and payment before April 7, 2004, Special price Rs 7500/-inclusive of Registration for CyLawCom Registration..Contact Naavi

Proposals from Companies and Educational institutions for batch admission under negotiated terms are welcome.

Special offers are available for Faculty Members of Engineering and Law Colleges. Click here for details

Proficiency Courses and Training Programmes

The Proficiency Courses and Training Programme will not be subject to the above procedures of evaluation and examination. Please see the prospectus for Proficiency courses separately.

The fee structure for Proficiency courses will be as follows.

Course Tuition Fee Examination Fee Total Cost of
Materials in Hard Copy (Optional)
 Total Cost 
Proficiency in ITA-2000 (PITA) 1000 - 1000 500 1500
Proficiency in IPR in Cyber Space (PCIPR) 750 - 750 500 1250
Proficiency in Cyber Crime Management (PCCM) 750 - 750 500 1250
Proficiency in Cyber Security for E-Entrepreneurs (PCSEE) 750 - 750 500 1250

A Package of all the four Proficiency Courses can be taken together at a consolidated fee of Rs 2500/- (Rs 1000 additional for hard copy of Course material)  

Course Tuition Fee Examination Fee Total Cost of
Materials in Hard Copy (Optional)
 Total Cost 
Cyber Laws for Netizens 250 - 250 100 350
Foundation Course in the Laws of the Digital Society (In Chennai only) 2000 -   Included in the Fees 2000

For Details on other Training Schemes, Click here.

For Clarifications if any Contact Naavi through e-mail (naavi@vsnl.com)

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