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Proficiency in ITA-2000
(Version 2004)

Proficiency Courses in Information Technology Act 2000 from Cyberlawcollege.com is a Courses meant to provide an understanding of the Information Technology Act 2000.

Who should take this Course?

This course is meant for  law students to supplement the curriculum in their respective academic institutions.

Entry Criteria:

The Course  is recommended for students of law.

Before taking up the course, students are requested to study the Course contents and decide their own requirement and capability for timely completion of the course.


All correspondence should be addressed to Na.Vijayashankar, the founder of Cyber Law College.com either by e-mail at naavi@vsnl.com or at the address of the College.

How the Course is Conducted:
-The Course will be conducted at the specific request of an institution for its students.

-The course will be conducted through offline classes at the premises of the institution.

-There will be periodical tests to assess the performance of the students.

Course Contents:

The Courses cover   the following topics: 

1. Proficiency in Information Technology Act 2000

Chapter Information Technology Act 2000 Class room Equivalent of No of hours
1 Information Technology Act-2000-1 (Sec 1 to 13) 2
2 Information Technology Act-2000-2 (Sec 14 to 42 and Certifying authority Rules) 2
3 Information Technology Act-2000-3 (Sec 43 to 45 and Sec 65 to 78) 2
4 Information Technology Act-2000-4(Sec 46 to Sec 64 and CRAT Rules) 2
5 Information Technology Act-2000-5 (Sec 79 to 90) 2
6 Information Technology Act-2000-6 ( Sec 91-94) 2
  Total 12

Admission Procedure:

At the time of  registration,  prospective students have to make the payment of the Course fee along with the full particulars of the Student such as his/her Name, Address, Qualification etc. For registration form click here.

Course Fee:


Course  Fee
Proficiency in ITA-2000 (PITA) 2000


Payment Procedure:

1.Through Demand Draft payable to M/S Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd at Chennai, India and sent by mail to Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd, 11/10, R E Apartments, Unnamalai Ammal Street, T.Nagar, Chennai, 600017.  The DD charges can be deducted from the Fees.

2.Payment online through Naavi's Payment Center using Naavi's Payment Receipts of requisite value.


Cyber Law College.com has been the pioneer in Cyber Law education in the Country. It has been promoted by  Naavi.org which  is the premier Cyber Law Portal in India. Na.Vijayashankar the founder is the pioneer in the field of Cyber Laws in India.  There are no other previously established institutions in India which has more experience in this field. 

The Management is confident that students of this institution would command respect and recognition in the field necessary to open up employment opportunities.

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