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Certificate Course in Techno Legal Cyber Security

Preparatory to taking up the Qualification examination for

"Certified CyLawCom Examiner"


Certificate Course in  in Techno Legal Cyber Security preparatory to taking up the qualification examination for "Certified CyLawCom Examiner" from Cyberlawcollege is a Course meant to provide an in-depth understanding of  Cyber Laws as applicable in India and Critical Technical Security Features required for securing Information Assets.

This Course is a one of a kind course for developing Security specialists with an understanding of law and meant to provide the knowledge input required to take up the qualification examination to be a "Certified CyLawCom Examiner".

Presently, qualification examination to be a "Certified CyLawCom Examiner" is being conducted under the supervision of Cyber Law College and will be transferred to an independent academic body in due course.

This Course consists of two streams, the first of which is common with the curriculum meant for Certificate Course in Cyber Laws

Who should take this Course?

This course is meant for  professionals who would like to specialize in Cyber Security. In particular, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Lawyers and other non IT students will find this course the ideal ground to take up a career in CyLawCom consultancy and audit.

Entry Criteria:

The Course  is recommended for graduates in any discipline and particularly professionals with experience in the E-Business or IT discipline.  Students are requested to peruse through the details of CyLawCom Certification programme available here for more information.

However considering the demand from the student community, the Course is made available for Under graduate students as well. Ideally this can be completed concurrently with other graduation courses.

Before taking up the course, students are requested to study the Course contents and decide their own requirement and capability for timely completion of the course.


All correspondence should be addressed to Na.Vijayashankar, Director of Cyber Law College either by e-mail at naavi@vsnl.com or at the address of the College.

How the Course is Conducted:
-The Course will consist of lessons on various topics relevant to Cyber Laws and Cyber Security delivered through e-mail.

-The Course is normally expected to be completed in 6 months.

-Students will be admitted in fortnightly batches..

-There will be no examination for the Certification course. Evaluation is through the response answers to lesson-end questions.

-Interaction will be provided  basically through online Chat sessions.

-Course material will be provided basically through electronic means. Course material will also be made available in print  at no additional cost.

-On completion of Registration and  Receipt of the payment, the first lesson module would be sent by e-mail. Subsequently the lessons would be sent by e-mail at periodical intervals. 

-Copies of the answers and the comments would be returned to the students through e-mail.

-Individual queries would be addressed through e-mail and a private Chat with Naavi. 

-At the end of the Course, Certificates will be issued as "Certificate in Techno Legal Cyber Security"  with "Pass", "First Class" or "Distinction" depending on the marks obtained. This will be in addition to the certificate the candidate will obtain after passing the qualification examination for "Certified CyLawCom Examiner".

Course Contents:

The Course covers   the following topics: 

Stream I: Cyber Laws

Module No


Class room Equivalent of No of hours (Indicative)
Module 1 Basic Concepts of Technology and Law  
  Understanding the Technology of Internet 2
  Scope of Cyber Laws  1
  Cyber Jurisprudence  1
Module 2 Law of Digital Contracts  
  The Essence of Digital Contracts 1
  The System of Digital Signatures 1
  The Role and Function of Certifying Authorities 1
  The Science of Cryptography 1
Module 3 Intellectual Property Issues in Cyber Space  
  Domain Names and Related issues  2
   Copyright in the Digital Media  1
   Patents in the Cyber World 1
Module 4 Rights of Netizens and E-Governance  
  Privacy and Freedom  Issues in the Cyber World 1
  E-Governance 1
  Cyber Crimes and Cyber Laws 2
Module 5 Information Technology Act 2000  
  Information Technology Act-2000-1 (Sec 1 to 13) 2
  Information Technology Act-2000-2 (Sec 14 to 42 and Certifying authority Rules) 2
  Information Technology Act-2000-3 (Sec 43 to 45 and Sec 65 to 78) 2
  Information Technology Act-2000-4(Sec 46 to Sec 64 and CRAT Rules) 2
  Information Technology Act-2000-5 (Sec 79 to 90) 2
  Information Technology Act-2000-6 ( Sec 91-94) 2
Module 6 International Scenario in Cyber Laws  
  Data Protection Laws in EU and USA 2
  Child Abuse Protection Laws in EU and USA 1
  Cyber Laws - the Malaysian Approach 1
Module 7 Cyber Law Issues for Management  
  Cyber Law Issues in E-Business Management 1
  Major issues in Cyber Evidence Management 1
  Cyber Law Compliancy Audit 2
Module 8 Case Studies 4
  Total 40

Stream II: Cyber Security

Module No


Class room Equivalent of No of hours (Indicative)
Module 9  Security Perspective  
  Basics of Computer Systems from the Security Perspective 2
  Security Features in an Operating System-  Windows/Linux 2
  Networks and  Security Challenges 2
Module 10 Internet Security Issues  
  Technology of Internet  and Internet Protocols 2
  Internet Security Risks 2
  Access Control Risks 2
  Protocol Related Risks 2
Module 11 Digital Signatures for Securing Information Assets  
  Cryptography 2
  Digital Signatures 2
  Security Protocols...SSL, SET and HTTPS 2
Module 12 Protecting Information Assets  
  Firewalls 2
  Intrusion Detection Systems 2
  Ethical Hacking 2
  Cyber Forensic Tools 2
Module 13 Security Policies  
  Developing a Policy Framework. 2
  Implementing a Cyber Security Plan 3
  Auditing Cyber Security Systems 4
  Disaster recovery and Business Continuity 3
  Total 40

Course Material:

During the course, lessons will be sent by e-mail. Additionally, a copy of the E-Book "Cyber Laws in India..ITA-2000 and Beyond"  by Naavi would be provided as part of the Course material.

Hard copies of the Course material would be provided at no  additional cost during the course.

Admission Procedure:

At the time of  registration,  prospective students have to make the payment of the Course fee along with the full particulars of the Student such as his/her Name, Address, Qualification etc. For detailed procedure of admission and application form click here.

Evaluation Criteria:

Evaluation would be based on answers to lesson end questions.

Course Fee:

Course Tuition Fee
Certificate Course in Techno-Legal Cyber security 6000

After going through the Course  the students can register as "Provisional CyLawCom Examiner" at an additional cost of Rs 1000'- and  also for the qualification examination for "Certifed CyLawCom Examiner" at an additional cost of Rs 5000/-.

Students from outside India will have to bear an additional the Postage/Courier charge for receiving Certificates and Course material in print.

Payment Procedure:

1.Through Demand Draft payable to M/S Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd at Chennai, India and sent by mail to Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd, 11/10, R E Apartments, Unnamalai Ammal Street, T.Nagar, Chennai, 600017.  The DD charges can be deducted from the Fees.

2.Payment online through Naavi's Payment Center. 


Cyber Law College.com has been the pioneer in Cyber Law education in the Country. It has been promoted by  Naavi.org which  is the premier Cyber Law Portal in India. Na.Vijayashankar the founder is the pioneer in the field of Cyber Laws in India.  There are no other previously established institutions in India which has more experience in this field. 

The Management is confident that students of this institution would command respect and recognition in the field necessary to open up employment opportunities.

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