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In the aftermath of the Gurgaon BPO fraud, it has become necessary for all BPOs to discharge their responsibility of training their staff on “Cyber Ethics”. Lack of such training could be held as a failure in the “Due Diligence” process of the organization.

 Naavi  who is a pioneer in Cyber Law Education in India and Cyber Law Compliance Audit and Certification has structured a programme for training BPO employees on the minimal ethical knowledge required , and certifying them as “Ethical BPO Professional”. 

The programme will be administered as a 3 hour in-house training for the BPO with batches of 30 persons each. Every participant would be exposed to an exit test , made to sign an "Ethical Declaration" and provided a certificate by Cyber Law College as "Ethical BPO Professional". A register of such trained personnel will be maintained by Cyber Evidence Archival Center of Naavi.

A Similar module of training geared towards IT Software Professionals is also available. This will be administered to Software professionals and will be called "Ethical IT Professional Training". These professionals will also be provided the requisite certification and entry into a register to be maintained by Cyber Evidence Archival Center.

 HR Managers interested in such programmes may contact Naavi, through e-mail at naavi@vsnl.com or mobile 9198410-30123


June 28, 2005

Ethical Declaration 

I am proud to be a member of the “Ethical BPO Professional” community and out of my freewill do hereby agree to abide by the following ethical discipline at all times. 

I shall at all times uphold the dignity of the profession and place my commitments to the profession above my personal interests both within the organization I work for and outside. 

I understand that I am a trusted representative of my organization as well as its Clients and I shall take all care required for meeting their respective Moral, and Contractual obligations.  

I understand and accept that I am a trustee for the information and data belonging to third parties and I shall take all care required to secure the data and its confidentiality. 

I shall use the Cyber Space responsibly at all times and in particular I solemnly commit that I shall not use a Website, Blog, E-Mail, Chat, Message Board or any other  means of communication for

 v      Offending any Person, Community or Religion

v      Misleading any person for fraudulent reasons or for mischief

v      Threatening or Harassing any person

v      Publishing and Distributing Obscene information in electronic form

v      Using another person’s identity for Financial gain or for committing any crime or for Fun

v      Conveying confidential information of the Company or its clients except under compulsion of law. 

I shall endeavor to keep myself continuously updated with all regulations that affect my operations and comply with them at all times.

 I shall take such steps that are necessary to prevent any other person breaching or attempting to breach these ethical principles and shall bring any such instance  to the notice of appropriate authorities.

 In every event of my changing my job, I shall provide a due notice and refrain from causing damage to the reputation or intellectual property of my employer. I shall also duly notify the Registrar of Ethical BPO Professional Registry about my change of job.


Register of Ethical BPO Professionals

 Terms and Conditions: 

  1. Only those professionals who sign the “Ethical Declaration” shall be eligible to have their names entered in the register.
  2. The Registrar shall be at liberty to fix and collect any fees for entry into the register and or modification/renewal over a period of time or for making available any information from the registry.
  3. The Registrar may disclose the contents of the register either in full or part to any BPO intending to verify the registration and/or any particulars contained there in or to other authorities as it may deem fit.
  4. Every registrant shall be given a unique registration ID and any change of particulars such as the address, employment particulars etc shall be updated in the register.
  5. Any change in particulars will be updated based on a request from the member or an appropriate notice from an employer.
  6. Any report of abuse of the ethical commitments received from any source will be recorded by the Registrar.
  7.  If after a reasonable  verification which may include an opportunity for the registrant to record his objection if any, the registrant is found to have committed any breach of commitments, the Registrar shall remove the name of the registrant not withstanding any registration charges paid by the registrant or retain the registration with a remark marked there against.  The decision of the registry in this regard shall be final and binding on all parties concerned.
  8. The registrant  hereby expressly agree that he shall not be eligible to claim any damage or compensation what so ever for removal of his name from the registry.
  9. In all cases of removal of registration, and subsequent query there on, the objection recorded by the registrant will be made available along with other information connected with the entry.


For Norms on Registration as Provisional CyLawCom Examiners, Click Here



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