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Cyber Laws became an important field of study in India after the passage of the Information Technology Act 2000. Cyber Law College has since then been providing services for spreading of Cyber Law Literacy through its humble contributions.. For every Professional, and Corporate entity, whether in the field of Computers, IT or otherwise, Cyber Law Awareness and Cyber Law Compliancy have been recognized as essential "Quality Parameters".

Cyber Contracts, Cyber Crimes and Cyber Properties have now become familiar jargons for legal professionals as well as others. HIPAA Compliancy, GLB Compliancy, EU Privacy Directives are already buzzwords in the IT industry, non compliance of which could endanger the future business potential.

Cyber Law Literacy and the Gold Rush.........Quite often, I am asked by Lawyers, Law Students and Professionals about the immediate scope for Cyber Law Study. They often ask "How Many cases have been so far filed under ITA-2000 in India so far?, or "How many Cyber Crime Cases have been registered by the Police?".......More

Relevance  of Cyber Laws for Engineering Students.

Digital Signatures have become so fundamental that no Company can afford not to be prepared to use them in day to day activity, despite the slower than expected progress in the field.

After these developments the new opportunities are opening up in the field of Cyber Security and Cyber Forensics where professionals are required to protect Information Assets. Cyber Law College has therefore moved on to introduce a unique training programme for "Techno-Legal Cyber Security Specialization" encompassing the entire curriculum of the current PG Diploma Course in Cyber Laws and adding a full set of curriculum on Technology aspects of Security. It is envisaged that professionals with this kind of specialization would be required for Network Security,  IS Audit and Cyber Forensic work in the days to come.


Virtual Training  Programme
on "How To Use Digital Signatures"
by   Naavi
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The first examination under the new scheme will be held in November 2004 in select centers in India and online. We hope that the courses would be of use to the community and a large number of professionals would benefit there from. Arrangements have also been made with some organizations involved in promoting education in Cyber Security area to offer these courses to their members under a joint certification programme. Interested persons can get more details from Naavi.


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Naavi is the pioneer in promoting Cyber Law Literacy in India. He brought out  the first book on the subject in India. He also brought out the first E-Book on Cyber Laws in India. Now he has again taken the lead in opening the first Cyber Law Education Center in India to continue his personal mission of spreading Cyber Law literacy in India.   

Even on the global arena, there are very few education centers which impart Techno-Legal Courses courses online.  

More details of the Courses are available here.



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